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Friday, September 5, 2014


There's a book called "Linchpin: Are you indispensable?" by the famous Seth Godin.
I've read the book few years ago. It's quite a good book, thin and light can finish even a day. And I sort of agree with him the importance of being indispensable at work and I've learned to become one.

But the more experiences I have, I have to say I wouldn't want to be indispensable. I would want to be dispensable so that people stop relying on me and I have more time to do other things - if not greater but more challenging.


I'm on EL for goodness sake.



1 minute after publishing this entry...

Another email came in.

Seriously guys??

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A weekend well spent

I'm so glad I decided to stick to staying at home at the last night of my long weekend as opposed to going out to watch the movie "The Hunder-Foot Journey" with ACM which btw can be worth watching also.

So I decided to watch the interview below on MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga on Taking Risks in your Life and Career, by Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Never knew he's that sarcastically-witty! But most importantly, inspiring. How he speaks is one thing but what he speaks and his views on certain things in life and career have got me glued for the whole 1 hour or so.

He touched on things that I personally believed in.

For example:

1. Humility is one of the most important trait you need to have both in your personal and professional lives. It's something you can't put it in a box and throw or keep it elsewhere. He says, "I think you can be successful without the humility, but you won't enjoy it as much". To him, by having the humility also, you will be able to learn from everyone surrounding you.

This brings me to his next learning point on diversity, which he initially took for granted in his early days of his career.

2.  He thinks "diversity is about having people around you who don't think like you, don't walk like you, and don't talk like you", which to me is very true I must say and to me it is extremely important to acknowledge the diversity you have around you, at work particularly, and learn from all the different people because we all come from different family backgrounds, we do different courses, we have different hobbies and hence we all think differently. Once we have established that we can then have more respect to all the different opinions people may have. Everyone is unique and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses - something that we and myself as human beings tend to forget.

Thirdly and lastly, he explains work life balance exactly how I see it, which there is no fixed definition, it all depends on each individual.

3. He thinks work life balance is personal. "Some people may work for 12-15hours a day and they think they've got balance". But to him, "work life balance requires a few things to happen. You've gotta enjoy what you're doing, and you've also got to take out the time, for the people who matter to you. And when you're with somebody, spend the time with the person yo know". Well said sir. For me too, that's exactly how I define my work life balance. and it takes a conscious effort to do that, not easy. But I try.

Today for example, after 2 days of spending some time with my friends, family, fiance and his family (in the order of events), I had specifically allocated today to do some work which I estimated not to take more than 2 hours. But it took me almost 5 hours. And that's because I had to do it some in the hospital and some back at home. My dad's a high-risk dialysis patient so whenever he has fever, we have to bring him straight to the hospital in case he has any infections. And it's a government hospital. So there goes my 5 hours. Stressed at the beginning? Of course. But rather than complaining, I might as well just do with whatever I have. So from working on the floor with random kids suddenly jumped onto my laptop to standing outside of the hospital looking for signal to get the email sent out.

 Whatever works.

Back to spending time with my family after submitting my work.

 All's good in the end. A weekend well spent.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Selamat Hari Merdeka

I don't go into Facebook often, but this morning I decided to go in just to share the merdeka video by Malaysia Airlines which I cried after watching it.

On Facebook, I was really disturbed by the negative comments on the recently announced MAS recovery plan that I could not help but to blog about it.

I guess it's normal for them as outsiders to view the plan negatively and always find faults. It can happen to any other company. And I suppose, being an insider, I'm more inclined to support the plan and view it positively. That's a fact which none of us can deny. If someone does or says something bad about your family, you will more likely to go beyond to defend your family, unless of course they are really at the fault.

But this is not any company, this is a company of high interest by the public, locally and even globally, a company which we Malaysians keep close to our hearts dearly.  So if you consider this company as your family, and if your family is in trouble, wouldn't you want to go great lengths to help and defend it?

It's sad to see all kinds of critiques, really. Coming from Malaysians themselves. The responsible people/team worked high and low, day and night, sacrificed their sleeping time, family time, gave their very best to come up with the best most possible recovery plan..and as an outsider, do nothing about just..critique? Even worse, laugh at it? Have you even considered the feeling of the employees who may be affected by the retrenchment programme?

Let me ask you one thing. Do you have a better plan? If yes, by all means please come forward and share with us, because we all have one thing in common - to get the company out of trouble, for our people, for Malaysia. But if you don't, the least you can do is to support, pray and hope that the plan works.

As an insider, I'm not saying that what we do are all good and glory and that we have never failed. But at least I know we have good intentions and we share a common goal and everything we do, we do it for the betterment of the nation, of Malaysia. So a little hope and faith is very much appreciated.

Just watch this video. You'll understand how I feel. Selamat Hari Merdeka everyone. Let's all pray and make MAS turn into a profitable company by 2017 a reality.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dayana, CFA

This, has kept me nervous all day.

Alhamdulillah. I am beyond happy and grateful.. and relieved!

Shall update more tomorrow or most likely the weekend.

Now I need to sleep as I'm feeling very hungry.

I still haven't eaten!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


and I can't eat. I'm too full. Full of butterflies.
Funny how our conversation during the weekdays lately only revolves around, "yang, urgent. Call me back", "yang I need to see you tonight" 

"Oh why eh? Got problem?"


Sounds like an old couple already! 

"No la, important day today!" 

"Oh yaa.."

I guess we are both too busy for petty things. But we will always try to be there for each other when we need to. 

Ok back to being nervous.

Self reminder: Keep calm and have faith. Allah knows best.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Still alive

This, is keeping me busy, among others.


"Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune"
-Jim Rohn

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Support system

Everyday I count my blessings for the strong support system God has given me, both for my personal as well as professional life.

They are there for me whenever I need them. They reach out to me when I suddenly go missing, busy swimming in the river of work, or sometimes when I just feel like keeping quiet. They get excited whenever they hear my stories and developments. They accept me for who I am. and they also nag at me and advise me when I'm in the wrong.

They just want the best for me.

Such support system I can never live without. 

I just hope I can do the same for them and pray that God protects them and gives them the best things in life and hereafter.

We are just human beings and we tend to forget. Hence we need each other to remind. and we all need our own support system. So cherish them as they are not in your life for no reason, they are gifts from God.

I'm sure each and everyone of you have your own too!